Looking for a Better Way to Engage Participants?


Introducing SmartPlan Enterprise from vWise. Integrated with Schwab RT.

Launched from within the secure SRT web portal, SmartPlan's video hosts show employees everything they need to know about their plan. Then they guide employees through an interactive Q&A process that helps them discover their individual retirement needs and risk profile, as well as choose plan investments and contribution amounts. With the personalized advice option, participants can get the help of investment professionals to create an investment selection tailored to their individual needs. And because SmartPlan Enterprise is integrated with the Schwab RT database, it provides a personalized experience and automated plan updates.

A comprehensive user administration portal makes it easy to create and manage an unlimited number of custom sponsor plans. Best of all, SmartPlan Enterprise is available as an affordable monthly subscription service.

So what are you waiting for? Be More Efficient, Effective, and Smart...
with SmartPlan Enterprise!

To learn more email or call Todd Gillespie at (949) 716-1275.

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